Ekopel 2K Bathtub Coating (3KG) (Bulk x4)

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Liquid polymer coating for professional refinishing of steel and cast-iron bathtubs, shower trays, and basins. Applied in one layer with pouring method.  Drying time – from 24 to 48 hours.



EKOPEL 2K — is a high-viscosity, two-component, self-levelling polymer coating that is applied to cast-iron, steel, and plastic bathtubs.

EKOPEL 2K extends the service life of a bathtub and eliminates the necessity of a total bathtub replacement.


  • Odourless – No hazardous diluters used.
  • High density and excellent coverage.
  • Perfect adhesion to steel and cast-iron.
  • No streaks or bubbles.
  • UV resistance.
  • Harmless to humans and the environment (when solidified).
  • Pouring method – no spray painting necessary.


  • Hardening time – 24 to 48 hours at normal temperature (20-25°C). Hardening time depends on the product version and the bathroom temperature. If the temperature varies from the normal, the hardening time can increase at lower temperature and decrease at higher temperature.
  • Shelf-life of the material 45-90 minutes after mixing the two components.
  • No diluters needed to make the product ready. Component A and component B need to be thoroughly mixed.
  • Restoration process takes 3-4 hours, if the technology of bath preparation and material application is followed correctly.

Kit Contents

The material consists of 2 components: Component A (base) and Component B (hardener), the mixing of which provides you with a product ready for application.

One Ekopel 2K set can be used for restoration of one bathtub. Packaging of single kit is 3.4 kg (component А – 3 kg, component B – 400 g).

Additional Information

  • The guaranteed shelf life – 12 months from the date of manufacture (the date of manufacture is shown on the package).
  • The service life of the applied coating – 20 years, provided that there is regular care of the coating.
  • Check the instruction on application and watch the video before use.

How Much Product Do I Need?

Following measurements are approximations only.

  • Shower Base (900 x 900mm) – 1kg kit
  • Average Bath – 2kg kit
  • Claw Foot / Large Bath – 2.4 kg kit

Ekopel 2K Technical Information Sheet

Additional information

Weight 16 kg
Dimensions 46 × 46 × 18 cm


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